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Case Study

Hadley Group steels the show on Pattaya Project

Hadley Group’s innovative UltraSTEEL® roof truss systems have been specified on a major residential project in Pattaya, Thailand. The project highlights how the company’s innovative solutions are helping architects and contractors to overcome complex challenges and build effectively.

Situated in one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations, the project, known as ‘The Lake’ was led by architect, Krisom and main contractor, Chome Center. In total, the build covers an area of 190,000 sqm and comprises 550 units of several different house models. Work on ‘The Lake’ began in 2017 and will be completed by 2021. Hadley Group and its team on the ground in Thailand have been involved with the project after an initial specification could not be fulfilled.

Initially, the architect specified traditional hot rolled steel to be used on the roof. However, hot rolled steel needs to be welded into shape before installation and there was no welder available on the project. As such, the initial specification became very difficult to achieve. Hadley Group’s team in Thailand met with the project’s development team to discuss potential solutions that would overcome these challenges. This resulted in identifying an alternative solution using Hadley Group’s cold rollformed UltraSTEEL® roof truss systems.

The steel roof truss systems can be installed without any welding and also deliver a range of additional benefits. Seeing the potential, the systems were specified by the project team, initially on a trial basis. The UltraSTEEL® roof truss system has been specifically engineered for use in warm climates such as that in Southeast Asia. The truss is manufactured entirely from steel, which means not only is the system robust and durable, but it is also termite-resistant.

The roof truss system delivers a number of durability and performance benefits. The non-combustible galvanised steel which has been designed and engineered by certified structural engineers is wind and seismic resistant. Additionally, the light gauge steel load-bearing roof truss provides a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be custom designed to match all roof profiles.

The innovative roof truss system benefits from Hadley Group’s internationally patented UltraSTEEL® process. UltraSTEEL® is a cold rollforming technology that is enabling customers from different industries around the world to optimise product efficiency, save weight and reduce the use of raw materials. Not only is the cold rolled pre-forming process stronger by design, it uses less metal, which means it’s inherently more sustainable than alternative methods.

Due to its late specification, the UltraSTEEL® roof truss system needed minor modification before it could be installed. Fortunately, Hadley Group has its own manufacturing facilities near the project in Laem Chabang, Thailand where the modifications were successfully implemented. Many of the logistical challenges that are common for a project of this size were easily eliminated thanks to the project’s proximity to the manufacturing facility. During the initial pitch, the client was impressed with Hadley Group’s ability to deliver products to site in a quick and responsive manner. Therefore, after the success of the initial trial period, the project team decided to roll the system out across the entire project.

Speaking about the project, Miss Sorn, Architect at K2 Krisom, commented: “Hadley Group’s team in Thailand has been of great assistance on this project. Although not initially specified, the company’s innovative roof truss system has enabled us to meet a number of standards in a time-effective manner. Not only has the team delivered an engineered solution, but they’ve provided us with advice and guidance. Throughout the project, we have had a number of the company’s representative on-site and have been impressed with their professional nature and willingness to help.”

There will inevitably be challenges when working on a build the size of ‘The Lake’. Fortunately, when issues occurred on this project, Hadley Group’s team of technical experts were on hand to help find a solution. Through its collaboration with the architect and specifier, the company has helped the project team overcome a series of unexpected challenges and has enabled it to continue progressing with this major development.

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