Design Service

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To gain the most from the efficiencies that pre-panelisation offers, you can integrate our structural technical support team into your design process right from that start.

Through this collaboration, we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and design specifications while maximising sustainable credentials in the most cost-effective solution.  

How will our design team help you? 
  • Room layouts can be reviewed for you, ensuring the walls stack to foundations, reducing the need for hot rolled steel to transfer loads 
  • Opening spans can be reviewed to ensure optimum sizing is achieved 
  • You can discuss the integration of stairs and lifts and understand the options 
  • Acoustic and fire requirements 
  • Site logistics – for example, is your site tight and do we need to consider the way panels are delivered?  We can also recommend the optimum sizes for panels, particularly if it is a city centre site
  • Together, your design team can review the position of your crane with us, to aid ease of build 
  • Once into contract, you’ll be provided with details of full line loads. This will allow your engineer to finalise reinforced concrete slab or transfer structure design. (If required, worst-case line loads can also be provided free of charge earlier in the process).  

Discuss your project today

Our team of inhouse detailers and engineers will ensure you get seamless communication throughout. 

The structure is modelled in Tekla allowing a seamless collaboration with the design team and other trades such as M&E who can use our model to carry out clash detection. 

Want to know the steps from first discussion to handover?

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