We are a market-leading, globally active business built on engineering excellence, innovation in cold rollforming technology, and a commitment to our customers, our people and the environment.

About us

We work with customers from across a broad range of markets and sectors where the performance of steel profiles and other components can be enhanced through the use of cold rollforming and UltraSTEEL® manufacturing technology. Key among these are the construction industry, where our products have both structural and non-structural applications; the automotive sector, where we supply highly complex components offering valuable weight savings; and the industrial sector, where a whole range of applications exists for our high strength engineered metal products.


We have provided products to the construction industry for more than 50 years and its needs remain at the heart of everything we do.

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We are a major global supplier of rollformed profiles to the automotive market, specialising in the production of demanding and complex components.

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Industrial & Agricultural

Our cold rollforming technology has applications in any industrial and agricultural sector where the ability to save weight by using high strength components would be advantageous.

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