CPD Offsite PrePanelised MMC

Revolutionize your approach to building projects by unlocking the potential of offsite construction techniques.

Explore the efficiency, sustainability, and versatility of Pre-Panelised MMC, and gain valuable insights into how it can streamline your projects, reduce costs, and enhance quality. Elevate your expertise and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving construction landscape. Join us on this transformative journey and reshape the way you build.

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We provide complimentary CPD seminars focusing on our steel frame systems, catering to architectural firms, developers, contractors, and housing associations of various scales. Complete the form provided below to initiate your request for a CPD session.

You’re invited to enhance your CPD experience by pairing it with a tour of our manufacturing facilities situated in Oldbury, West Midlands. Here, you’ll gain firsthand insights into our production processes and have the opportunity to explore our modular showhome. Alternatively, we’re flexible and can conduct sessions at your location. Plus, we’re keen to organize visits to ongoing construction sites, allowing you to witness our exceptional construction standards in practice.

What is Offsite Pre-Panelised MMC?

MMC in the UK

Working with Simply UK, the HadleyFRAME team recently topped out on a 3 storey care home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The scheme will produce 81 beds with an overall internal floor area of 4399m2. The programme duration for the steel framing was 15 weeks (excluding wind delays).

The site was logistically challenging due to the limited access and high traffic volume to neighboring properties. With significant restriction on lay-down space, there was tight control over delivery sequences to avoid overloading the site while remaining on target to achieve programme.

Who are HadleyFRAME?

Full contract delivery of MMC construction solutions to suit the project.

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