Plaisant Place, Jersey

High-speed construction on a large scale with HadleyFRAME

Andium Homes is Jersey’s largest provider of affordable housing, with more than 4,000 homes housing over 10,000 Islanders. They needed a large-scale MMC solution to help them redevelop St Helier’s Plaisant Place into a 21-apartment facility — and a brand-new headquarters for the charity Age Concern Jersey.

After an introduction from Jersey construction specialists Normans (our partners on the island who had seen our light-gauge steel framing in action), Andium Homes chose our HadleyFRAME MMC system as the perfect fit for their project.

“We visited the Hadley team at a residential development in London, and were immediately impressed by the style of the build and the advantages it could offer the local construction industry,” said Simon Chard, Managing Director at Normans.

“It’s a really innovative and high-speed construction method, and one which is a game-changer for the Island.”

Using offsite construction to panelise the steel framing, we guided the team at Normans as they assembled more than 400 panels and roof cassettes at one of their Jersey facilities, before delivering the pre-panelised frames to the construction site.

This Jersey assembly made the deliveries of steel in stick-build form coming onto the island more cost-effective, and enabled Normans to manage the local deliveries to create a just-in-time schedule that reduced disruption.

But beyond these logistic benefits, our pre-panelised HadleyFRAME system also helped Andium Homes and Normans to complete the entire project ahead of schedule:

“Work began in August 2020 and was completed in under a year, largely thanks to this modern method of construction,” said Dean de Mouilpied, Project Manager at Andium Homes.

“The Hadley light-gauge steel framing allows you to construct the building’s framework very quickly. In this instance, it enabled us to complete what would normally be an 18-month project in ten months.”


Looking for a faster way to build at scale?

Through our pre-panelised HadleyFRAME system, we’ve helped multiple construction projects on their way to a timely completion. And if you’re in the business of steel frame buildings, we can help you too.

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What is HadleyFRAME?

MMC in the UK

Working with Simply UK, the HadleyFRAME team recently topped out on a 3 storey care home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The scheme will produce 81 beds with an overall internal floor area of 4399m2. The programme duration for the steel framing was 15 weeks (excluding wind delays).

The site was logistically challenging due to the limited access and high traffic volume to neighboring properties. With significant restriction on lay-down space, there was tight control over delivery sequences to avoid overloading the site while remaining on target to achieve programme.

MMC System details

Read the specifics of the HadleyFRAME pre-panelised light gauge steel frame system to see how it can work with your project.

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