Hadley Group Technology

Hadley Group Technology (HGT) is a world-class facility focused on delivering continuous improvement in cold roll forming technology.

HGT is the catalyst to the success of the engineering capability of the Hadley Group, designing and building our own production lines and tooling – as well as leading the innovation of cold roll forming techniques.

We are a core resource – supporting our custom roll forming customers with unique solutions to suit their individual project needs; and expanding the Hadley Group Building Systems’ facilities, as they experience continuous market-growth within the construction industry.

HGT works with its customers to supply profiles to a wide range of specifications:

  • Wide range of geometric possibilities 
  • Tolerances as low as ±0.05mm 
  • SPC and Process Capability Analysis 
  • Suitable for ferrous, nonferrous, stainless steel and other malleable metals 
  • Ability to form materials with polished surfaces and pre-coated materials 
  • In-line features including hole punching, notching, embossing and cut to length 
  • In-line welding enables enclosed shapes 

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We have engineers spanning our entire manufacturing capability, from designing, building and maintaining our own production lines, to the creation of structural plans and detailing with our load bearing profiles.

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