Custom Roll Forming

Your project can benefit from our global manufacturing facilities, producing custom roll formed profiles in the Netherlands, Thailand, Dubai, the UK & USA and shipping anywhere in the world.

World-class global manufacturing facilities

Your engineers can collaborate with our experts to develop the most effective solution to meet your needs, maximizing the benefits of cold rolled profiles in steel, copper, or aluminium. Whether you need ± 0.05 mm tolerances or in-line welding, we have a range of solutions to achieve your goal.  

Your complex requirements will be translated and turned into high quality, efficient solutions by our team using advanced software and technology – utilising simulation during the product development phase for a faster turnaround.

Tolerances in cold roll forming

Read our engineering review of one profile set that we produce across three continents, consistently achieving the tolerances required for this complex profile.

Innovative customised roll form solutions with applications across various sectors

Looking for a partner that takes a proactive, collaborative approach to development? At Hadley, we work with clients from all over the world and from different markets.

We develop solutions of the future, working with your teams. Together, we develop and deliver products that meet your specific requirements.

We have extensive experience in the following sectors in particular:

  • Automotive; where we supply complex and demanding parts worldwide with valuable weight savings;
  • Retail and fullfilment: where we partner with technical teams to develop high-end roll formed component solutions to run picking robots;
  • Industrial; where we are a global supplier of high-strength, weight-saving cold-rolled profiles and components in large volumes;
  • Agriculture; where we have developed a range of roll formed agricultural systems that offer a unique combination of durability, stability and value.

Custom roll forming that meet your specific needs

At Hadey Group we possess production lines with state-of-the art roll forming machines. You can obtain custom-made roll formed profiles with the following specifications:

  • Materials up to 8mm thick, up to 1.3m wide 
  • A wide range of geometric possibilities 
  • Tolerances as low as ±0.05mm 
  • Processes suitable for ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and other malleable metals 
  • Ability to form profiles with polished surfaces and pre-coated materials 

After roll forming the metal profile, fully automated cells can be placed in-line, offering flexibility in terms of technical possibilities. These cells are modular and, if necessary, can be expanded to meet the technical requirements of your products.


Our in-line operations offer the possibility of hole punching, notching, deburring, embossing, welding and more.

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We have developed a number of patents over the years, continuing to innovate cold roll forming processes to gain strength to weight advantages. One example is UltraSTEEL®, a major technical breakthrough in the development of roll forming.  

Ultrasteel profile

UltraSTEEL® allows us to develop highly efficient product designs that perform better while using less metal. This weight reduction also reduces the environmental impact of transportation. In addition, the UltraSTEEL® process can also be applied to recycled metal. Visit our UltraSTEEL® page for more information on this internationally patented process. 

Excellent Custom Roll Forming Service

The Hadley custom roll forming service combines extensive engineering capabilities and technological expertise – opening the door to new possibilities in terms of cross-section profiles. You will work together with our team every step of the way to develop the most appropriate, efficient production solutions for your application, reducing design and manufacturing time whilst simultaneously ensuring outstanding quality and accuracy.  

We have shaped our business around adding value for our customers; understanding their diverse needs and, through local expertise, market insight and manufacturing capabilities, delivering beyond expectation. 

Rollforming is an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible production process

As a global leader in roll forming, we are committed to sustainability and recognise its importance to our continued success. We strive to further develop our environmental stewardship and grow profitably through responsible business practices, while upholding our reputation as a fair, equitable and socially responsible company.

Cold roll forming is an inexpensive, energy-efficient and environmentally conscious production process. The roll forming process of steel takes place at room temperature, and therefore does not require any heating as is the case with extrusion. The only energy required is for transport and acceleration. Our roll formed steel profiles are a highly economical and ecological alternative to materials such as extruded aluminium profiles, PET, or composites like polyurethane.

Moreover, steel is by far the most recycled material. It retains its qualitative properties after recycling, meaning it can be remelted an infinite number of times.

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At Hadley Group Technology (HGT), we develop the systems and solutions of the future. Working with your internal teams, our experts deliver products and processes that specifically meet your individual requirements. More than 60 full-time engineers and technicians are involved in research, product development, tooling and machinery design as well as production and technical support.

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