HOME, or Hadley Offsite Modular Engineering, is modern housing driven by social value.

Through promoting life long occupancy, pollution control, sustainable living and reducing fuel poverty, our homes supports our vision for economic progress, driven by our very own communities. We believe that as family-life evolves, so should the home. HOME units include adaptable future-proofing such as hatches for lift shafts and kinetic light switches; as a family grows and changes, their home will grow with them.

Partnering with others in the industry, Hadley already enable the creation of thousands of comfortable, secure homes every year. In fact, over the last 4 years, HadleyFRAME has constructed over 7500 homes with the pre-panelised superstructure.

HOME is more than a House

Built at our factory in the Midlands, where we use standardised, repeatable processes to guarantee efficiency and a quality end product, all of our modular homes are designed to exacting safety standards. 

Balancing construction cost, life-cycle costing and living experience we carefully consider all aspects of the property from foundations up. The result is a seamless living environment that can be adapted and upgraded as life changes. Meanwhile, fuel costs are reduced by up to 80% while smart home technology enhances the living experience.

I am genuinely very impressed by the product and what has been achieved in the time. I do not believe many people fully understand how difficult it is to re-engineer the design and construction process of residential properties to suit AMC. You should be congratulated along with the team. I have seen several organisations that have spent many years trying to change the process and multi-million £’s to produce something that I do not believe is as good as what you have achieved. SAVILLS UK LTD

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We want to build homes that sit at the heart of happy, sustainable communities. Working with you from the very beginning of the planning and development process is a vital part of achieving that goal.

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