Your HadleyFRAME Programme

Save time, save waste, build smart.

The earlier in the design process you discuss your project with our team, the greater the benefits from using modern methods of construction. Hadley structural engineers will collaborate with you to help you achieve your design aspirations while building sustainably and cost effectively.

Engagement Process Overview

  • Enquiry

    Understanding your project details and Primary Objectives are the important first steps in the process. Your first contact will be a discussion of your project with our expert team and the Primary Objectives for your build, for example; programme, logistics and budget challenges.

  • Project Review

    After assessing your project requirements, you will be invited to a review with one of our team. We will evaluate the suitability of the project for different construction options within HadleyFRAME and if appropriate any of our other systems before suggesting options and possible routes forward.

  • Solution

    Once we have reached a consensus of the best way to progress the project to achieve your Primary Objectives, our Commercial and Engineering teams will produce a proposed solution in HadleyFRAME.

  • Indicative design and cost

    Your architectural drawings will be analysed to produce an initial marked up design showing the elements provided by the system that easily relate to the tender. The full tender document is also provide, based on achieving your Primary Objectives, which includes; the commercial cost, programme for delivery of the project, scope and clarifications.

  • Full design and detailing

    Once you’ve placed your order the full design process will commence using your ‘frozen’ architectural design. A full set of line loads will be produced enabling your structural engineers to complete the design of your slab or transfer structure.  The design and detailing process then progresses with periodic full design team reviews of the project until the full 3d model of the structure is complete and signed off by the full team for production.

  • Manufacture and panel fabrication

    The production information for the sections is extracted from the model and fed directly to our rolling mills within our manufacturing facility. Once rolled, the individual components move down the production flow in the factory to be panelised, quality assessed and boarded if applicable then are pre-slug and loaded onto our logistics fleet to be received at site by our Construction team. This point generally arrives 14 weeks after your design is ‘frozen’.

  • Construction on site

    The Construction programme is agreed between the HadleyFRAME Construction team and your own managers then the panels are delivered to site to suit that installation programme. The Construction team gives regular feedback and reports on site progress and delivery to programme.

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