MMC pre-panelised offsite system

The big question is usually, Is your project suitable for steel framing? There are few jobs that are not, but the important question for us is which is the right solution or solutions.

The sooner your talk to our experts, the sooner we can advise you on the right solution or solutions for your design, your site, your budget and your aims. Each project has different aspirations.

  • You may benefit from value engineering to ensure you have the best solution to suit your budget.
  • We could focus on the programme and reducing disruption to the local community.
  • Energy performance can be improved through a number of options and our system is tested with the leading insulation brands.

Using Steel Framing in your design

Steel frame buildings can be built on a spectrum of Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV). Hadley Structural Division offer the full range, from stick-built SFS, pre-panelised offsite to fully modular solutions. Our cold rolled steel framing can support a 55% PMV value and we can work with you to select project wide solutions that help you achieve funding or planning requirements.

The variety of projects in Jersey is an excellent example of the flexibility of steel framing. We have 8 projects on the island, from a large 127-apartment project to a 3-apartment compact site.  

Project Examples

Now you know we have the best in industry accreditations, PI, warranty and third part testing, have a look at the range of projects we are delivering.

Plaisant Place

The pioneering steel frame building
was installed by Normans for Andium Homes, design by PAGE Architects.

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Duhamel Lane

This 3-apartment micro-site is a collaboration with local partners Normans and JMEC, erected in just four weeks.

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The Limes Apartments

A significant redevelopment from ROK in HadleyFRAME, the project will provide 127 apartments in the heart of St Helier.

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Ingouville House

J-Mec, early adopters and steel framing advocates, are redeveloping this space to provide much needed apartments.

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Duhamel Place

Another PAGE Architects project, the project will be delivered in stick-build form to avoid traffic disruption.

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A new 5-storey Premier Inn built as a flagship installation to bring millions of pounds of tourism revenue into the local area.

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Looking for a faster way to build at scale?

Through our pre-panelised HadleyFRAME system, we’ve helped multiple construction projects on their way to a timely completion. And if you’re in the business of steel frame buildings, we can help you too.

Get in touch and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

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