Our fully qualified design teams combine their knowledge and industry understanding with the latest technologies to develop market-leading engineering solutions.

For our mechanical custom machinery designers, this means making full use of CAD, CAM & FEA software; while our electrical and machinery control designers are experts in CAD, HMI and Machine Software & Sensor technologies. 

Machine Build

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers are responsible for the fabrication and commissioning of all new roll forming machinery and equipment used in our own production facilities. We can produce a single machine to meet a particular production need, or a complete production line to suit an application or specific customer requirement. This expertise provides customers with the flexibility to add unique in-line capabilities or achieve high quantity output requirements.


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We have mechanical and electrical maintenance engineers on-site around the clock; through planned and preventative maintenance we make sure that our machinery always operates at maximum efficiency. 
This means, in the rare situation that a machine does suffer mechanical or electrical failure, the issue can be diagnosed and rectified without delay. And as most of this is Hadley-designed, we have direct access to the expertise of the machinery design teams and associated drawings and manuals – ensuring we deliver you the most reliable service throughout the project. 

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Your project enquiry will be handled by our Custom Roll Forming team. They will work with you to understand what kind of cold rolled profile you need, as well as your wider project goals such as sustainable production and responsibly sourced steel.

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We have engineers spanning our entire manufacturing capability, from designing, building and maintaining our own production lines, to the creation of structural plans and detailing with our load bearing profiles.

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