Solar at Scale

Get the high production capacity and reliable supply you need to meet the growing demand for solar energy — with sustainable and cost-effective solar mounting systems from our global cold roll-forming facilities. 

Why cold-roll solar supports?

Solar mounting systems have conventionally been manufactured using aluminium extrusion — putting a limit on the number of operations you can add to a single production line.

With a switch to cold roll-forming, you can open your options with a wider range of complex features with minimal extra cost — all while reducing your carbon footprint and the energy used in your production.

– Consistent tolerances and high-volume production

– Reduce carbon with a cold manufacturing process

– Add complex operations to a single production line

Sustainable, durable, and built for the outdoors

  • Zinc-Magnesium galvanised steel designed to last up to 30 years
  • 10 times higher corrosion resistance than hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Stronger and tougher than aluminium support systems

Our cold-rolled solar mounting systems are made with specially coated galvanised steel for a long-lasting, all-weather construction. The special zinc magnesium coating is both highly resistant to corrosion, and provides a stronger, cold-hardened finish when compared with aluminium.

With a low-heat manufacturing process using recyclable steel — and a UK-based supply that keeps your carbon footprint low — you’ll get a sustainable, reliable, and more cost-effective production for your solar mounting parts.

Large scale, high value

Our UK-based manufacturing facilities are backed by a global network of roll-forming teams and facilities across four continents.

That gives us a distinct advantage over smaller suppliers that rely on a single facility or a single production line. With multiple manufacturing plants and a dedicated logistics network built on our long history in the cold roll forming industry — we’ve got the capacity and flexibility to ensure continuous production of your solar parts and components.

Multi-national manufacturing and global logistics footprint

Low-risk production with large-scale capacity and contingency facilities

PPAP Automotive quality assurance standards ensure capability value

Profile lengths up to 18 metres and
tolerances as low as ±0.05mm

Work with in-house engineers who specialise in tooling design

Produce complex metal profiles to your exact specifications

Custom solutions for your solar project

We’re more than just a production facility — we’re your manufacturing partner.

Our in-house teams of cold-rolling specialists are dedicated problem-solvers — working collaboratively with your teams to improve your designs and streamline your production. From extra-long profiles for large-scale solar farms, to narrow tolerances for intricate designs — we take your precise requirements and create custom solutions built for your exact project.

Need a partner that can help you scale your business?

If you’re looking to expand to meet the rise in demand, you need a partner with the capacity to match.

Our UK production facilities come with decades of cold-rolling experience in the steel construction industry — backed by a global manufacturing company and the collective expertise of a team of more than 50 cold-rolling engineers.

So the sooner you bring us into your project, the more time and money we can help you save.

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