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Five-star luxury care home for Simply UK

The purpose built 81-bedroom care home will feature luxurious interiors and a wealth of amenities and services. Light flooded living spaces of the highest quality, a wide variety of social areas providing the highest standards of safety, comfort and care.

Working with Simply UK, the HadleyFRAME team recently topped out on a 3 storey care home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The scheme will produce 81 beds with an overall internal floor area of 4399m2. The programme duration for the steel framing was 15 weeks (excluding wind delays).

The development for returning customer Simply UK presented challenges that were no problem for the HadleyFRAME system and the expert team. The site required careful traffic management due to the neighboring hospital and Porsche garage. In addition, with lay down space at a premium, the delivery schedule required careful planning and consideration of the needs of the follow trades.


As the HadleyFRAME system incorporates Wraptite, a weatherproof membrane that enhances airtightness and temporarily pre cover window openings prior to site delivery. This is to enable the building to become watertight faster and allow for follow on trades to start sooner. This improved the overall programme, as duration could be shortened as the window install was taken off the critical path for the building to become weathertight. 

The delivery schedule was carefully detailed in order to prevent the site becoming overloaded, and deliveries timed to avoid the incoming staff traffic to the neighbouring properties.

With our experienced team on site, when wind caused significant delays, the team were able to adjust and keep the programme on track. Despite a month lost to high-winds, forward planning enabled utilisation of the crane in periods where wind was low and drop back to other tasks when wind was forecast to be high.

Our ongoing work with Simply UK has resulted in a number of product developments and we continue to support their growing business to deliver the high performance care homes they are renowned for.

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