Rapid Prototyping

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In product development, nothing beats having a physical sample of your profile in your hands. Whether it enables testing or validation of your product or system functionality, or simply gives you something to hand to your project stakeholders to get a feel for the solution, a physical sample stimulates conversation, promotes engagement and can make all the difference to your product launch.

Hadley are the ideal partner for sourcing and supporting you with your rolled profile prototyping needs.

Over more than 20 years we have developed an extensive sheet metal forming supply chain to provide our customers small or large batch prototypes using a combination of:

  • Low volume material sourcing
  • Rollforming (using existing tooling or from one of our standard profile framing machines)
  • Press braking
  • Laser cutting (flat bed, tube laser, 5-axis)
  • Welding, joining and fabrication
  • Specialist press tooling
  • Quality and inspection techniques

We’ve even manufactured complete sets of low cost (non hardened) roll tooling to meet a customer’s complex prototyping needs.

Where non-metal prototypes are sufficient, Hadley have four different 3D printer technologies available to our customers, including a continuous linear 3D printer capable of printing full length models of your design, down to a thickness of just 0.50mm

Best of all, by using Hadley to provide your prototyping solution, we can guarantee design feasibility for future mass production using our rollforming process. Incorporating ‘design for manufacturing’ (DfM) in your product development journey can save valuable time and cost to get your product to market.

Recent examples include a 10-part batch of specially formed 1m long tubes using multiple fabrication methods, to a complete structure comprising 5 different profile prototypes used to build and validate a fully functioning, 8m high automated warehouse structure worth over £250,000.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of Prototyping? Download our PDF guide to Rapid Prototyping

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