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Case Study


Manufactured using the UltraSTEEL® process and further enhanced with the company’s UltraBOSS™ technology, the strong and non-combustible nature of Hadley Group’s RoofTruss system has helped to complete a large educational project in Rayong, Thailand.

Located in Rayong, a city on the east coast of Thailand, the threestorey Nikhomwittaya School has been built to accommodate 1,600 primary school pupils. Measuring 1,176sqm, the project took 10 months from design through to completion with 1,200sqm of Hadley Group’s UltraBOSS™ RoofTruss used for the roof’s structure – the first project in Thailand to adopt the innovative UltraBOSS™ process.

The project was led by Mr Decha, Managing Director at Wangchan Glass Limited Partnership, and Mr Pitsanu, Engineer at Ministry of Education, who worked closely to ensure that all elements of the build met the specification standards of the schools in Thailand. Specifying Hadley Group’s RoofTruss system, which uses profiles manufactured through the UltraSTEEL® cold rollfoming process, Mr Pitsanu faced the challenge of changing Mr Decha’s perception, who was more familiar with hot rolled steel manufacturing methods.

Speaking of the project, Mr Pitsanu, Engineer at Ministry of Education, said: “We chose Hadley Group’s RoofTruss system because the profiles can be installed without any welding, and this is one of the major advantages of cold rolled steel over hot rolled systems.

“We were very aware of how strong and robust the roof truss system was and how well it can perform in climates like Thailand – therefore it seemed to be the ideal solution for a new build primary school. Quality control checks were carried out from design to manufacture, through to installation, ensuring that the whole construction process was seamless.”

Hadley Group’s light gauge steel load-bearing roof trusses are wind and seismic resistant, cost effective, ecologically friendly and provide an anti-termite environment for a safer and more durable build. Hadley Group RoofTruss systems can be produced to precision specifications and meet all relevant design requirements, building codes and budgetary needs.

Benefitting from the company’s internationally patented UltraSTEEL® process, the cold rollforming technology is designed to improve product efficiency and are stronger and greener by design. The use of the UltraSTEEL® makes a roof truss system much easier to install, in particular for a simple roof shape like the one at Nikhomwittaya School.

Mr Pitsanu: “We worked very closely with the Hadley Group team in Thailand and they approached us with the idea of further enhancing the RoofTruss system with their UltraBOSS™ technology. The team shared the technical information with us and the Ministry of Education’s engineering team and after developing an understanding of the benefits, we decided to go ahead and consequently, it became the first project to adopt the system in Thailand.”

UltraBOSS™ is an innovative, patented technology that delivers a significant increase in the performance of rollformed profiles. By embossing the corners of a profile, strength is increased by local work hardening and stiffness is increased by pushing material away from the centre of the profile, enhancing their stability in use. This technology can be applied to customer profiles, whether they are made via the standard cold rollforming process or using the company’s internationally patented UltraSTEEL® process.

Mr Decha, Managing Director at Wangchan Glass Limited Partnership, explained: “Although there is a perception that hot rolled steel is stronger, I have learnt that this isn’t always true. Hadley Group demonstrated excellent knowledge and expertise which changed my mind - cold rolled steel is thinner, more versatile and an effective solution for many construction projects. Nikhomwittaya School was completed quicker, compared to if a hot rolled system was installed.”

Designed and engineered by certified structural engineers, the UltraBOSS™ RoofTruss system was manufactured at Hadley Group’s local world-class facilities in Chonburi before being transported to site.

Dr. Dumrong, School Director at Nikhomwittaya School, said “The Hadley Group RoofTruss system is solid and looks good, and I have confidence in its durability and performance.”

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