Custom stainless steel profiles

Looking for a custom stainless steel profile? Hadley Group focuses on roll forming (also known as cold rolling) of metal profiles for the business market.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been helping companies in the industrial, construction, agricultural, and automotive industries to solve their complex issues. In doing so, we use the latest techniques and materials.

The profiles (aluminum profiles) that we produce using a unique technique can give your project a number of distinct advantages.

Cold rolling for the highest quality custom stainless steel profiles

In producing stainless steel profiles, Hadley Group uses a specific technique called cold rolling. This allows us to achieve tangible benefits for our customers, such as a quick turnaround and efficient product development. We also achieve concrete benefits in the processing of the aluminum profiles themselves, such as:

  • Materials with a thickness of up to 8 mm and a width up to 1.3 m
  • A wide range of geometric possibilities
  • Extremely low clearances of ± 0.15 mm
  • A process that’s suitable for ferrous, nonferrous, stainless steel and other deformable metals
  • The ability to form materials with polished surfaces and pre-painted materials
  • Inline operations such as punching, slitting, bossing, and cutting to length
  • Options for closed forming by inline welding

We can realize these benefits for our various branches around the world. With regard to roll forming, at our European location in Ede we have the capacity from 0.3mm to 4mm. At our other locations, this can be as much as 8mm.

Through a process of constant bending, a long strip of stainless steel is passed through pre-formed rollers to achieve the desired cross-sectional profile. This process allows us at Hadley Group to gain several benefits. For example: significant weight savings, increased strength, faster production — and all of it achieved with lower energy consumption. Based on the customer’s requirements, we can make profiles in a variety of ways. For example, we can create an I-profile, aluminum corner profile, or other types of aluminum profiles.

Hadley Group's cold rolling process

UltraSTEEL® for the best results

In 1982, Hadley Group developed a cold rolling technology that’s become globally renowned in the roll-forming sector. We call this technology UltraSTEEL®. To date, we have been able to help clients from different industries with this technology in different areas. UltraSTEEL® gives you improved product efficiency, savings in weight, and a reduction in raw material consumption. That’s why we use UltraSTEEL® to produce our custom stainless steel profiles. Here are some facts about our UltraSTEEL® technology:

  • The result of more than 35 years of investment in R&D
  • Up to 20% stronger and up to 20% less raw materials used
  • More than 1 billion meters produced annually
  • More than 100,000 tons produced per year
  • Produced on more than 300 rolling machines worldwide

In both 2006 and 2014, Hadley Group won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation with UltraSTEEL®, and we’re still proud of it today. A major factor in achieving these awards was the efforts of our talented team, constantly working to push the boundaries of roll-forming every day. For example, we at Hadley Group have been using our proprietary computer simulation technology for many years to keep on improving our solutions.


Het gepatenteerde UltraSTEEL®-proces verbeterd de productie van vele klanten van Hadley Group over de hele wereld.

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Different markets worldwide

Hadley Group has applications for custom stainless steel profiles for multiple markets. The combination of our experience and the collaborative engineering we do with our clients ensures that even complex customer issues can be solved. One of the markets Hadley specializes in is the automotive market. Within the automotive market, we make stainless steel parts for leading brands.

High quality, perfect surfaces, and just-in-time deliveries are all essential to this market. There is often close cooperation with the automaker to ensure that the highest possible quality is achieved. We also apply the highest standards of quality management in the production of stainless steel profiles (for example, our processes are certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO-9001:2008).

Watch the video for a quick look at our work in the automotive market.

We also have various applications for stainless steel profiles in the fields of construction, agriculture and industry, designed to solve industry-specific issues for our clients in those sectors. We can serve these customers worldwide. In fact, Hadley Group has branches in:

  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • The Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • And Thailand

Want to know more about our stainless steel profiles?

We hope to have given you a clear picture of how Hadley Group can help you produce a custom stainless steel profile. We value innovation — and our Centre of Excellence in the UK is constantly challenging the status quo.

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