Purlin, Side Rail and Gable Systems

We offer a complete roof purlin and rail system based on our UltraZed™ purlins and UltraBeam side rails.

These are available in a choice of systems to suit virtually any requirement in terms of span, load, complexity or preferred site practice:

  • Non-continuous (butted)
  • Sleeved
  • Heavy End Bay sleeved
  • Double spanning butt-jointed

All UltraZed™ purlins and UltraBeam rails benefit from our patented cold rollforming production process, which delivers components of significantly greater strength for a reduction in raw materials and easier lifting.

This system provides a comprehensive structural solution for almost every conceivable application, cutting overall design time and making construction faster and easier. Together, UltraZed™ and UltraBeam provide a complete engineered structural system using the minimum number of components.

The system is completed by our intuitive, customisable DesignSuite Pro planning software, find out more and download our DesignSuite Pro software here.

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