Engineered C profile

UltraMezz™ (engineered C profile) is an innovative mezzanine floor beam system technology, one that takes performance, design simplicity and speed of project turnaround to new levels.

First launched in 1995, this unique mezzanine floor beam design has been further refined to enhance its performance and deliver a lighter, stronger product that outperforms the competition on all fronts.

Due to its immaculate design, the floor beam system – produced from pre-galvanised structural grade, high strength 450MPA yield steel – requires less cold rolled metal than any other system, without compromising performance. The resulting efficiency of design makes the UltraMezz™ C Section steel profile /flooring system the most efficient on the market, one capable of delivering significant benefits in weight and span.

  • Simple installation
  • Compliant with latest Eurocode 3 and BS EN 5950-5
  • UKCA-marked UltraMezz™ profiles
  • EC Certificate of Factory Production Control (FPC) 2273-CPR-003 for load bearing structural steel components up to EXC4 according to BS EN 1090
  • In accordance with BS EN 1993-1-3

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