Whether you are looking for roll formed components for cars or commercial vehicles (interiors, exteriors or roofing systems) Hadley will work with you to find the right solution.

The ability to produce lightweight and environmentally friendly parts for demanding applications enables savings in overall vehicle weight – a key objective for today’s automotive industry. Expertise in the design and production of complex roll formed components for the automotive industry sees us working with vehicle manufacturers around the world. 

The key requirements of interior components combine a lightweight structure, accuracy to the tightest tolerances and a flawless, aesthetically perfect finish – all of which you can achieve through custom roll formed parts, including a range of surface treatments.

Application of cold roll forming for cars include:

  • Luggage cover systems 
  • Sun blind systems 
  • Seating systems 
  • Dashboard modules 
  • Cargo management systems 
  • Side members 
  • Window and door systems 
  • Side trims 
  • Cross members 
  • Battery pack systems 
  • Glass & side reinforcement profiles 
  • Fabric guides 
  • Bows and curved tubes for sun blinds 
  • Drain channels 
  • Frame profiles 
  • Wind deflectors
Commercial vehicles & trailors 

Hadley products are used in a large number of commercial vehicle OEM programmes, providing demanding interior and exterior components to Tier 1 and 2 suppliers around the world – including leading truck, coach and trailer manufacturers, designing and producing complex components. 

Long length profiles are produced in various metals including steel and aluminium, with an excellent surface quality and accuracy to the tightest tolerances.  

Application of cold roll forming for commercial vehicles include: 

  • Bed systems 
  • Luggage storage 
  • Seating systems 
  • Dashboard cross members 
  • Roof sections 
  • Side members 
  • Window frames 
  • Load securing components 
  • Chassis components 
  • Structural components 
  • Side guard profiles
  • Omega top hat flooring sections 

Do you have questions? Not sure if your part can be manufactured in the cold roll form process? Ask our experts today.

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