Hadley Group Technology

The Hadley Group (HG) started under the name Hadley & Evans, as a roll form machinery manufacturer. From this solid foundation the installation and development of over 70 in-house ‘design and built’ custom roll forming lines, including dozens of expert innovations, have enabled us to run faster, more efficiently and with ever-higher levels of precision.

At Hadley Group Technology, we develop the systems and solutions of the future – working in partnership with businesses, universities and industry bodies in a ‘cycle of innovation’ which our business was built on. 
More than 60 full-time engineers and technicians are dedicated to research, product development, tooling and machinery design, manufacture, and technical support. Using the latest advances in computer simulation technology, cutting edge engineering hardware and the skills and knowledge of our in-house team, this specialist technical resource is at the heart of the Hadley Group 

Our ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence provides the following services: 

  • Research and product development 
  • Tooling Design and Manufacture 
  • Machinery Design and Manufacture 
  • Commissioning of tooling and machinery 
  • 24-hour servicing and TPM of Group tooling and machinery 
  • Technical support  
  • Technical apprenticeship training 

We have conducted significant research in collaboration with local and international academic institutions and external research centers for over 30 years.

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