Bespoke aluminium profiles

When you involve Hadley Group into your project right from the start, you will experience the advantages of our expertise in cold roll forming. Our dedicated team works to design, machine and supply bespoke aluminium profiles as per your request. Just let us know your wishes and we will take care of it.

Bespoke profiles

At Hadley Group, we want to cater to the demands of the market with our cold rolling services. The market is in need of a high quality product, while taking into account efficient product development and fast turnaround time. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to translate customer requirements into practice.

In addition, cold rolling also offers several advantages over other production processes like extrusion. The roll forming process is faster than extrusion and uses less energy. The cold formed metal is also lighter and stronger than extruded metal.

Our advanced cold rolling process

Cold rolling is one of the most variable production methods for metal forming. The cold rolling process is a constant bending operation in which a long strip of coiled metal is passed through a series of pre-formed rolls. They gradually shape the metal to achieve the desired profile.
This pioneering manufacturing process:

  • Is environmentally friendly;
  • Is ideal for the constant flow of profile parts with long lengths and high volumes;
  • Ensures consistency and accuracy;
  • Enables customization;
  • Offers effective solutions to complex challenges;
Cold roll forming for bespoke aluminium profiles

In-line processing

Rollforming is a continuous process. We create an aluminium profile from strip material. The aluminium passes through a series of rolls, which form the aluminium profile into the desirable shape. While making the profile, it’s possible to include several other processes, such as notching, hole punching, decorating, embossing and bending. We are able to manufacture and deliver the profiles quickly in big quantities.

In-line operations

Read more about the possibilities of in-line processing.

In-line operations

Bespoke aluminium profiles for many purposes

Our aluminium profiles are used in several markets and for numerous applications. They can be used in industries, like:

  • Automotive: Strong, light and attracting materials are a must. A high amount of precision and consistency are also required in this industry. For this purpose, rollformed, custom aluminium profiles are a perfect fit for these requirements.
  • Retail and fulfilment: A complete roll formed component solution can make fulfilment so much more efficient, which is necessary to run high-speed picking robots.
  • Agricultural: Our expertise in the production of cold formed products has made for a wide range of agricultural systems, offering you a combination of stability, durability and value.
  • Industrial: Highly complex components can make for simple solutions in order to achieve the most efficient way of operation.
  • Solar: Alongside an increasing demand for solar energy, there is a demand in solar support structures. Bespoke aluminium profiles provide the ideal strength and durability, as well making it easier to handle and install.

Are you interested in our custom aluminium profiles?

At Hadley Group, we develop solutions that will fit your requirements. Would you like to know what is possible with our custom aluminium profiles? As a global specialist and market leader in rollforming, we are happy to provide you with more information about our custom-made aluminium profiles.
Your needs are assessed by our team of engineers and technicians, based in our Technical Centre of Excellence. Their hands-on designing process will translate your needs into effective solutions.
If you would like to know more about our bespoke aluminium profiles, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

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