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With the accelerated demand for e-commerce comes the need for an increase in automated e-fulfilment centres. This requires industry leading infrastructure to support cutting edge precision robotics. 

Hadley can partner with your technical teams to engineer and develop a complete roll formed component solution, consistently achieving the incredibly tight tolerances needed to run high-speed picking robots.  

Partnering with Hadley you can ensure that the right metal components are custom designed and developed for your automated systems. 

  •  Your innovative ideas are transformed to include specifically designed and integrated products ensuring you remain one step ahead of your competitors
  • Laser cutting, bending and in-line cutting features give you a scalable system comprising of custom structural formed metal components  
  • Tolerance, repeatability and quality of each part must be exact – hole and slot features are controlled to within millimetres  
  • Punching and forming are paramount to the integrity of the structure on which your robotics work – offering accuracy and stability for high-speed picking of products  
  • Roll form sections created with location and datum holes for cost effective assembly further down the line
  • vertically and horizontally creating a structure which maximises the height and space availableCustom roll formed metal components supplied to you as single items or ready assembled 
  • The ability to take the single items (which are traditionally assembled on site) and controlling the assembly process at the source of manufacture, offers huge savings in resource and time  
  • You can hold fully assembled products at our facility – delivering on time to your site for installation efficiency, removing the challenge of assembling in a confined or minimal space on-site  
  • All items delivered in secure packaging, allowing the parts to flow straight into installation    
Precision and Structural Roll Formed Metal Components for Material Handling Systems and Automated Storage Warehouses 
  • Custom structural components for automated picking of groceries  
  • Conveyor rails and tracks 
  • AGV components 
  • Conveyance systems components 
  • Shelving and chute components 
  • Supports and grids for robotic systems 
  • Conveyor custom formed parts 
  • Side and safety crash barriers 
  • Other customised metal components for automated supply chain systems 

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