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Light Gauge Steel Framing for Housing

Steel framing solutions for low rise residential and social housing.

Our expertise in steel framing solutions means we can supply a complete load bearing stand structure. Our load bearing stand alone structure includes roofs, walls, floors, door/ window openings, bracing and external finishes ideal for stand alone low rise structures.

Components are designed, detailed and manufactured at our advanced production facility then delivered to site in stick or panelised form.

This fast track process is ideal for housing schemes with high volume requirements. Offering light but robust design of all components makes our steel framing solution ideal for housing projects with particular delivery requirements.

From advice on floor and wall build ups, to a complete detailing service, our expert technical team is here to ensure each steel standalone structure offers optimal performance according to acoustic, fire and thermal requirements

Components of our steel framing system


Stand Alone Structures

A pre-panelised, stand alone steel frame structure, which is lighter and easier to erect alternative to steel or concrete primary frames.

Stud and Track

Wall studs to size, gauge and spacing, typically storey height with bolted track sections at base and head.

Benefits of our steel framing for houses

  • Fast-track, lightweight steel housing system
  • Suitable for low to medium rise buildings
  • Suits stick built or pre-panelised construction
  • Enables fast build turnaround times
  • Ideal when space is limited on site

Applications and uses of our steel framing for houses

Our light gauge steel framing for houses a suitable for any two storey and low occupancy building such as:

  • Social housing
  • Low occupancy residency
  • Two storey houses (with loft conversion)