Metal profiles

Hadley has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of metal profiles and machining them. These metal profiles are intended for different markets, each with equally high quality standards. Our consistent and reliable metal profiles are created through the process of cold rolling. This internationally patented UltraSTEELĀ® process has several advantages over alternative metal-forming processes.

Metal cold rolling

Our customers choose us as their partner because we can achieve significant benefits with our cold rolling technology for metal profiles. These are:

  • Improving product efficiency
  • Saving weight
  • Reduced consumption of raw materials

With cold rolling of metal profiles, we also achieve faster lead times. Because of its many advantages, our cold-rolling technology is growing in popularity, and easily competes with other conventional methods of creating metal profiles.

The cold rolling production process

Metal profiles are produced by cold rolling through a specific process. Through constant bending operations, a long strip of metal is shaped as it is passed through a series of preformed rollers. Through this series of operations, the metal profiles are shaped to your specified dimensions. This production process saves a lot of time compared to the traditional way of roll forming.

cold rolling hadley

Hadley’s metal profiles are used worldwide within four different industries. These are automotive, construction, industrial and agricultural. Here’s how we work in each of these sectors:

Automotive metal profiles

Experience has taught us that innovation, tolerances, perfect surfaces and high quality are essential to automotive companies. That’s why our metal profiles are co-engineered with automotive companies to achieve the best possible results. This close cooperation also results in innovation, allowing us to make great strides in efficiency in roll forming of metal profiles.

Metal profiles for construction

We’ve been producing metal profiles for the construction industry for more than 50 years. During these 50 years, we’ve made many strides forward in terms of innovation. By coupling our expertise in cold rolling with our engineering, structural and design capabilities, we can provide a wide range of steel profiles, steel frames, and various market-leading solutions such as purlin systems. That means we can offer our construction partners the best solution possible, regardless of demand.

Metal profiles for industry

Within the industrial sector, it is important to save as much weight as possible without sacrificing strength. From an environmental perspective, it is also important to save weight, as this leads to a reduction in the use of materials.

With Hadley’s metal profiles, we solve both of these issues. Our cold-rolling technology reduces the amount of material required without compromising strength. And that means there are several industrial markets where our metal profiles are the perfect fit. These include oil and gas, mining, power generation, and other utilities.

Metal profiles for agriculture

For the agricultural sector, Hadley Group also has suitable solutions for various challenges. We make vineyard poles in different lengths and strengths that can be further processed in different ways. These include powder coating, pre-galvanizing, and chrome plating in various colors.

The metal profiles used for end posts and nursery posts, for example, all possess the same quality and longevity that can be expected from our UltraSTEELĀ® cold roll forming process.

Our Centre of Excellence

A key characteristic that every market leader must possess is the drive for innovation. The market never stands still, and neither do we. That’s why at Hadley Group we keep innovating. More than 50 engineers and technicians work full-time on tool design, machinery, production, and technical support.

Our specialized engineering resources use new developments in computer simulation technology, engineering hardware and, of course, the knowledge and experience of our own Hadley team. We are available to both our current and potential clients at all times.

Together with internal teams, we create the most optimal solutions for your situation.

Get in touch with us!

Are you curious about how our metal profiles can be applied to your project? Get in touch with our expert teams, and we’ll be happy to work through your project with you.

In addition, we have developed several case studies where our cold rolling technology and metal profiles are applied in practice. In any case, we are here for you!

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