Rollformed profiles

Our high degree of specialization enables us to produce rollformed profiles with tolerances as low as ± 0.05 mm. Drawing on Hadley Group’s specific technological knowledge of both development and production, we are able to produce complex rollformed profiles to an exceptionally high standard.

Our engineers help you consider the options and produce drawings for your complex profiles. They also never shy away from a challenge. Their expertise in complex profiles is your guarantee of a successful outcome.

Experience with complex rollformed profiles

Hadley Group has been producing complex profiles, on a large number of fully automated production lines, for decades. Our eighteen highly efficient production lines deliver consistently high quality. Moreover, they enable us to add various in-line processing steps to the complex rollformed profiles, so we can produce rollformed profiles at low cost, with short delivery lead times.

Curious about our references?

If you’d like to hear more about us, we’d be happy to tell you in person about our knowledge, and the options for complex rollformed profiles.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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