Roll formed aluminum profiles

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Overeem’s high specialization in roll formed aluminum profiles guarantees dimensional tolerances of ± 0.05 mm. Thanks to our extensive technological knowledge in the field of roll forming, we are able to advise you in detail about every possibility. Especially when it comes to your roll-formed aluminum profiles.

Collaborative engineering for your roll formed aluminum profiles

Our engineers are involved at an early stage in the problem-solving process. That means they can ensure the functionality and manufacturability of your aluminum profile. In addition to new insights, this also leads to cost savings.

Roll formed aluminum profiles including in-line processing

Roll forming of aluminum is a continuous process of manufacturing an aluminum profile from strip material. The aluminum profile goes through several stages with roller sets. This gives the profiles their shape during roll forming.

During the roll forming of your aluminum profile, in-line processing such as embossing, cutting, decorating, perforating, bending, and more can be performed. This distinguishes the aluminium profile from other techniques such as extrusion or folding/setting.

Inline operations

Our inline process offers the ability to cut, deburr, punch, emboss, weld and more.

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