Twin I stud partition: The ultimate acoustic solution where high end acoustic and fire performance is required 

HadleyDUO is an unbraced twin frame drylining solution using Hadley I Studs – Commonly used for Party wall build-ups, designed for enhanced acoustics and fire properties to comply with relevant industry standards.  HadleyDUO is primarily used for areas where additional acoustic reduction is required that cannot be achieved using a braced C Stud system.   

Peace of mind performance 

  • Third party accredited tested to relevant British and European Standards 
  • Fully CE marked 
  • Ability to specify using any of the top three plasterboard manufacturers 
  • Full technical support including full K10 specifications, site queries, and value engineering solutions. 
ACOUSTIC58 dB Rw – 69 dB Rw
FIRE60:60 minutes – 120:120 minutes  
OVERALL WIDTHNominal 200mm


  • Hadley I Stud (size to suit specification)  
  • Hadley Track (size to suit specification) 
  • Acoustic plasterboard (approved 3rd party component – to suit specification) 
  • Insulation (approved 3rd party component – to suit specification)  
  • Fixings  
  • Intumescent and acoustic sealant  
  • Hadley Angle (if required) 
  • Materials for taping and jointing  


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