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Our vineposts are available in a range of lengths and strengths to suit all applications and can be powder coated, pre-galvanised and chromed in a range of colours.


We also supply end posts and nursery posts for young vines, all manufactured to the same high standards of quality to ensure a long working life.

Our vineposts benefit from our UltraSTEEL® process to deliver a unique combination of durability and performance. The steel is rolled between two mating rolls, producing a dimpled pattern across the surface. This ‘work hardening’ results in a much stronger product, one that delivers a better grip in the ground for greater stability.

Hadley vineposts outperform traditional wooden vine pickets or alternative metal vine supports on a number of levels:

  • High rigidity for exceptional load carrying capacity
  • High stability in the ground due to greater surface area
  • Extremely flexible – spring back into position when rotated as much as 180°
  • 7cm tag pitch and a tag strong enough to withstand machinery impact
  • Disease resistant steel product means healthier crops
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Long service and less material for a more environmentally friendly product
  • Guaranteed corrosion-resistant for up to 25 years

Custom designed vineposts

Hadley vineposts are the result of extensive product development to meet the specific wire support needs of wine growers around the world. We can also design and produce custom-made vineposts, developing prototype samples at our in-house facility and, once approved, manufacturing in high volumes.