Special profiles

Looking for a partner who can produce your special profiles? Thanks to our high specialization, we can guarantee dimensional tolerances of ± 0.05 mm.

Thanks to Hadley Group’s extensive technological knowledge in development and production, we’re able to produce your special profiles perfectly. Our engineers are involved in the thinking and drawing process of your special profile at an early stage — and we’re always interested in a complex challenge.

Experience with special profiles

Hadley Group has been manufacturing metal profiles for decades, with multiple fully automated production lines. The quality and efficiency of our production lines is high.

In addition, this enables us to perform various integrated machining operations. In this way, we can produce a high-quality special profile at low cost — and with a short delivery time.

Special profiles with unique coatings

Hadley Group designs and manufactures thin-walled special profiles according to drawings, with optimal materials and surface treatment. Upon request, we develop custom coatings.

Learn more about the possibilities for your special profiles

Got a question about the development of your special profiles? Do you want to be up to date with the latest developments in roll forming — or are you just interested in how we approach things?

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