Rolled Profiles

Whether you are looking for standard stainless steel roll-formed profiles or special aluminium profiles, you’ll find the roll forms you need at Hadley Group. For decades, Hadley Group has been a specialist in rolled profiles. That means you’ll always find what you need with us.

The profiles (aluminum profiles) that we produce using a unique technique comes with multiple advantages over conventional methods.

Different rolled profiles

There are many types of rolled profiles on the market. When choosing the right profile, not only is the shape important, but in many cases, the type of metal as well. In Hadley Group’s wide range of products, you will find the right rolled profiles for every application. And that means we’re ready for any challenge. For example, Hadley Group distinguishes itself in complex roller profiles, where strict visual requirements or integrated machining are required.

Expert advice

Hadley Group employs experienced professionals who have already earned their stripes in everything related to rolled profiles. When you have a question about rolled profiles, you can call on them with confidence. Our engineers are also happy to work and plan with you at any point along the way, so you get exactly what you need at every stage of your project.

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