Aluminium Roll Forming

Our high degree of specialisation guarantees dimensional tolerances in aluminium roll forming from ± 0.05 mm. Thanks to our specific technological knowledge in the field of both the development and production of aluminium roll forming, we can give you expert advice on all possibilities.

We specialise in complex aluminium roll-formed profiles. Our engineers plan out the best solution for your roll-forming project from an early stage. With this thorough approach and proactive problem-solving, we can help you achieve the best possible cost-savings for your production. Hadley offers a high level of flexibility in the production of aluminium roll-forming.

Aluminium roll forming including in-line machining

Aluminium roll-forming is the manufacture of an aluminium profile from sheets of material in a continuous process. The aluminium goes through multiple stations with sets of rollers that give the profiles their shape. This roll-forming process can even be done with prepainted aluminium.

Multiple operations can be carried out simultaneously, such as pressing through, cutting, decorating, perforating and bending. This sets the process apart from other production techniques, such as extruding or edging/setting — and it saves you time on your production.

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