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What are the benefits of cold rollforming?

Whilst different applications require different manufacturing processes, cold rollforming offers many benefits.

Cold rollforming, as opposed to hot rollforming, runs steel (from a coil) through a series of rollers at room temperature. As such, cooling is not required and the steel’s structural integrity is maintained. This allows for maximum accuracy when meeting exact dimensions; particularly during the hole punching and cut-off stage, which also means complex geometrical shapes can be produced. This ensures a smooth finish as well as greater strength, which is why cold rollforming can produce steel up to 20% stronger than hot rolled steel.

With the high tensile strength that comes with such an application, cold rolled steel allows for a better strength to weight ratio. Our patented UltraSTEEL® process takes this to the next level; offering even greater strength compared to traditional cold rollformed steel, with up to 10% more energy absorption and increased buckle resistance (click here for more information on the benefits of UltraSTEEL®).

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