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Développer un processus automatisé unique adapté à votre projet à partir de notre gamme d’opérations en ligne

Lorsque votre profil nécessite des détails supplémentaires, vous pouvez ajouter diverses étapes automatisées au processus de fabrication de votre pièce pour augmenter la capacité de production.

Après le profilage, diverses cellules robotisées traitent les profils qui nécessitent un peu plus d’attention. Ces cellules entièrement automatisées sont placées en ligne avec les profileuses et sont très flexibles en termes de possibilités techniques. La possibilité existe avec ces cellules de poinçonner, plier, évaser et sertir des profils. Ces cellules sont modulaires et peuvent être étendues si nécessaire pour répondre aux exigences techniques de vos produits.

    Si vous avez un produit qui nécessite un processus très spécialisé, notre équipe dédiée est capable de concevoir et de fabriquer des outils et des machines spécifiques au produit pour vous – ainsi que d’avoir la capacité d’intégrer de nouvelles procédures dans notre processus de production. Cela vous fera économiser du travail supplémentaire dans votre processus total, ce qui signifie que le prix de revient intégral est inférieur.

      • PUNCHING

        If your product requires perforation our machines have the capability to do this either up front in the flat material, in between the rolling operations, or after the profile has been cut to length. As a specialist in punching operations, we have an extensive range of up to 300T, and Hadley manufactured presses, present in our large machine park.

        Depending on your profile’s geometry – the positioning, size of the perforation and the thickness of the material will dictate the best machine for the job and the most appropriate stage of the roll forming process.

      • BENDING

        Next to roll forming, bending has become second nature for many profiles. Whether your project has swept profiles (continuous radius) or profiles with a lateral fold (in the transversal direction) the processes and technologies needed to achieve the end specification are fully integrated within our production process – therefore saving you time from an additional process. 


        With rollforming the tape can be applied to your product in-line, fully eliminating processes therefore helping you turn manual taping operations into a cost-efficient process – saving direct costs, enabling you to become more competitive.  

        Besides taping it is also possible to apply a protective foil (with your own branding) to the profile. This helps to prevent the surface from scratching and ensures, after installation, it will live up to quality standards and can easily be identified as your product.  


        Our enhanced cutting process rarely generates a burr – therefore the deburring of profiles is seldom required. However, if your project requires that all profiles be deburred (for example, for safety reasons) it can be done with our fully automated process straight after rollforming.

        Both profile ends are deburred simultaneously without the need of an additional operator, making this process very cost-efficient and fast. Due to the eccentric movement of the brushes the inner and outer edges of straight, swept, symmetrical, non-symmetrical, big, or small profiles can be deburred. 

      • PACKING

        Various packaging options are already integrated into the production process allowing us to pack efficiently – and when needed, enable us to directly ship your product to your customer.  

        If you have special needs with regards to packaging, in-line packaging solutions can be developed including personalised labelling and branding dedicated to your product.  

      • WELDING

        To enable the production of a closed cross-section, Hadley boast several rollforming lines fully equipped with laser welding technology.  

        Cold rollforming and welding are two technologies that are often combined as they offer great advantages to your product – such as torsional stiffness and functionality. The results from fibre laser welders are so pure that after production the profiles can be glued or taped without needing to clean the product – tape can even be added to the finished item shortly after the welding process. Additionally, it will not leave a burr, meaning you can use the inner side of the profile as a functional area without the need of deburring operations. 

        Thanks to the nature of fibre laser technology minimal distortion (due to heat) is guaranteed – making this technology perfect if you are looking to create a high precision product with tight tolerances. 

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