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Hadley Group is a world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology, with manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We deliver innovative solutions with applications across sectors as diverse as construction, automotive, industrial and agriculture. Our continuing growth and success is entirely dependent upon our ability to attract, retain and develop the best people, and it is for this reason that we promote continuous personal development for everyone working at the Hadley Group.



You will be responsible foe the delivery of a security service to the Hadley Group that protects the company from theft and vandalism and maintains the safety of employees, visitors and contractors.





  • Complete regular internal and external patrols
  • Control vehicle movements in and out of the site
  • Ensure no vehicles block the traffic flow
  • Ensure no unauthorised persons enter the site
  • Administer emergency first aid and complete accident book
  • Ensure all goods vehicles are weighted in and out
  • Deal with any enquiries politely and tactfully
  • Manage the movement of contractors


  • Complete daily site report after each shift
  • Complete incident report forms in as much detail as possible
  • Complete a record of all handovers
  • Record all potential breaches of security
  • Accurately record weighbridge figures


  • In the event of an emergency contact the relevant authorities
  • Coordinate contact with emergency service providers in the event of a serious or major incident
  • If the fire alarm is activated follow the procedure detailed in the assignment instructions
  • If a fire is detected contact the fire service and ensure speedy and safe evacuation of all staff
  • If an intruder alarm is activated follow the procedure detailed in the assignment instructions
  • Contact senior managers and directors in accordance with the level of severity of any incident


  • Monitor CCTV camera and report any faults
  • Conduct fire alarm tests
  • Carry out a fire drill annually
  • Test emergency lighting
  • Ensure full compliance with relevant health and safety regulations
  • Ensure the fire doors are free from obstruction
  • Enforce the speed limit on site
  • Ensure the first aid box is fully stocked
  • Ensure the weighbridge functions correctly and report any faults
  • Ensure external areas are free of rubbish
  • Keep security gatehouse clean and tidy
  • Ensure cleaning staff sign in/out accurately
  • Ensure the effective control and storage of keys, equipment and radios


Shifts available are as follows:
  • 06:00am – 14:00pm
  • 14:00pm – 22:00pm

Must have previous experience of working in a busy gatehouse environment as a Security Officer.


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