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Turkey is our Seventh Worldwide Manufacturing Centre

Metal cold roll forming experts Hadley Group has opened its seventh worldwide manufacturing centre in Istanbul, Turkey.

The move is strategically significant in providing Hadley Group with a landmark location which, in conjunction with its established Dubai manufacturing centre, will serve not only the Turkish market and eastern geographies but will also provide a link to their western European centres in Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Production began in August in response to customer demand, having secured a five year supply agreement with a prominent construction market client in Turkey.

Hadley Group had long considered Turkey as a target for a new operational base and conducted extensive research into the best geographical location. Based in Gebze, less than 50 miles east of Istanbul, the new centre houses 1,700m² production space, three-storey offices, a roof top conferencing area and a basement training facility for local contractors.

Christian Boemcke, Hadley Group Project Manager in Istanbul said: "Whenever we set up a new manufacturing centre we are always keen to work closely with the local community and develop local distribution networks, aspirations and skills within the immediate vicinity. Turkey enables Hadley Group to not only provide innovative products to local contractors but also to ensure that we are working with them in order that they know how best to install the new products. As part of the rollout we also expect to introduce new products to new markets as early as the end of 2016".

Operationally, Hadley Group historically has been exceptionally responsive and can mobilise any international manufacturing centre to work seamlessly and cost effectively with any other and thereby increase the speed of supply, whatever the scale of the volumes required.

"In Turkey we are already receiving very positive customer feedback relating to the performance benefits of our cold rolled products for construction. Our in-house group technology centre is pivotal in ensuring that extensive research and development of any new cold rolled section or profile is undertaken in order that its performance advantages are known and maximised prior to volume manufacturing. This ensures that in partnership with our customers we bring new ideas and the best performing products to any market. We strive to take every market sector we work in forwards, in terms of new opportunities and unique and market leading products for our customers" added Christian.

Hadley Group's new Turkish facility follows the acquisition earlier in 2016 of Dutch cold roll former, Overeem and is part of Hadley Group's growth plans within their 2020 vision of further increasing worldwide production capacity and of diversification into new markets for cold roll forming.

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