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Alistair Head Becomes Chair

We’re delighted to announce that our Service Toolmaker, Alistair Head has been named the new Chair of the West Midlands Young Apprentice Ambassador Network (WMYAAN).

Alistair has already been involved with the Network for over three years now. He has been Vice-Chair since May 2017 and more recently stood as interim-Chair while the incumbent Chair was on maternity leave. With new commitments since having a baby, the incumbent Chair has decided to step down and thanks to Alistair’s months of experience he was appointed new Chair, effective as of November 2018.

The WMYAAN forms part of the broader Young Apprentice Ambassador Network (YAAN). The Network comprises of current apprentices and former apprentices, aged between 18 – 26, who are helping to inspire and inform young people about the benefits of apprenticeships. Those involved in the YAAN can offer real insight into the types of work and professional development that apprenctices are exposed to in their daily roles.

As Chair of the Network, Alistair will manage an ever-growing network of young professionals as they look to inspire the next generation. Currently, the WMYAAN comprises of 42 members from across the region. Together, the team attend events such as school careers fairs, mock interviews, assembly talks, as well as larger exhibitions throughout the UK. Along with the two Vice-Chairs, Alistair will be the face of the network and represent them at events, awards ceremonies and meetings.

Whilst working with Hadley Group, Alistair completed a four-year, Level Three Apprenticeship in Engineering. After completing his apprenticeship, Alistair stayed on at Hadley Group and is currently working through a two-year training period, whereby he will continue to complete relevant training courses. As a result of his qualification, Alistair now serves as a fully-qualified Service Toolmaker at Hadley Group.

As one of his first tasks as Chair, Alistair was a judge of the employer categories at the National Apprenticeship Awards in November 2018, where he had to provide a grade and score for each of the entries and help to choose the winning entries.

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