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UltraSteel® Lath

UltraSTEEL® Lath represents a major advance in the design of industrial doors, delivering greater strength for improved performance and durability.

These benefits are the result of our patented UltraSTEEL® process. Stronger and greener by design, this process reduces the use of raw materials without compromising on performance. Steel is work hardened during the manufacturing process, increasing its strength when compared to same gauge alternatives.

With a greater strength-to-weight ratio, UltraSTEEL® Lath reduces the stress, wear and tear on other door components. Benefits include the possibility of using a smaller motor and a potential increase in the operational life of other components.

UltraSTEEL® Lath is fully compatible with colour powder coatings and, even untreated, gives a more attractive appearance than typical galvanised steel industrial doors.

  • Attractive unique and uniform finish, whether you require galvanising, powder coating or spraying to your exact requirements
  • Fully powder coat compatible. At Hadley Group, we offer powder coatings to cater for an endless number of shades.
  • Fully tested to BS standard, BS EN12424:2000