Foam Filled Insulated Lath

Our heavy duty foam filled insulated lath is a double skin profile, rollformed from a single steel section and featuring a hot injection polyurethane central core.

This infill bonds to the internal face of the section providing strength, rigidity and excellent thermal and acoustic properties, making this roller shutter ideal for industrial applications such as warehousing and distribution centres, as well as automated domestic garage doors.

A short throw reinforced quirk interlocks each profile, creating a continuous door curtain that always runs smoothly and squarely within the guide channel, thanks to pop riveted heavy duty industrial end locks.

  • Available in steel or aluminium
  • Wraps around 4” tube as per standard lath
  • Can be supplied pre-galvanised or pre colour coated
  • Minimal thermal conductivity or heat transfer through convection
  • Optional reinforced wind lock anchors (withstands Class 5 Wind Loading)