Our fence solutions provide an optimum strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring maximum durability, easier handling and fast installation.

Our ranges include:

  • UltraFence – the only cold rolled engineered palisade fencing system
  • UltraSecure – steel palisade fencing with infill
  • UltraBar™ – versatile system featuring our patented raking joint
  • UltraFixings – a full range of fixings, including tamper-proof products
  • UltraGates – gates of all sizes


Fully engineered, cold rolled steel palisade fencing

UltraFence is the first complete cold rolled fencing system where every component has been specifically designed to optimise strength-to-weight ratio. This means it is lighter and stronger than conventional palisade fencing systems.

This weight advantage means easy handling for trouble-free installation, while the overall system delivers an attractive, robust perimeter fencing solution.

The system is made up of three main components:


Representing a major breakthrough in post design, this innovative, lightweight cold rolled product delivers performance comparable with 102x44 and 100x50 hot rolled products. Posts are pierced at the bottom to key into concrete.


This unique lightweight palisade rail is stronger and lighter than 90 degree hot rolled angles used in traditional palisade systems. Other features include Anti-Grab security tabs and a sloping top to deter climbing.


We offer a choice of products with head options including Single Point, Round Top & Notched, and Triple Pointed. UltraPale™ profiles feature a neat return edge that provides further strength and safety.


Revolutionary steel palisade fencing with infill

This patented system incorporates steel infills fixed between each pale to offer heightened levels of barrier defence.

The system is available in two forms: solid panels for applications requiring total privacy, and perforated panels for installations where good surveillance of the premises is required.


Versatile, easy-to-install self-raking railings

The UltraBar™ system is one of the most versatile railing systems available, developed for easy erection and supplied with pre-assembled panels that simply bolt into place.

Our unique raking joint system enables UltraBar™ railings to be installed quickly and easily in locations that would otherwise require stepping.

  • 30° of rake for vertical bar applications
  • 20° of rake for bow top applications

The range is available in choice of three styles: Vertical, Bow Top and Playsafe, the latter being our RoSPA compliant Bow-Top railing system suitable for children's playgrounds and school perimeter fences.

Other applications include housing schemes and parks & leisure, where the aesthetics of this traditionally styled, cost effective range make it an ideal solution.