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The Benefits of our Steel Reinforcement Sections for Window Profiles

Hadley Group is a world leader in cold rollforming and a market leading supplier of galvanised steel reinforcement sections for PVC-u window, door and conservatory markets.

Our steel reinforcement sections are essential to the construction of good quality PVC-u windows. The reinforcement sections will provide the window structure with enhanced strength and rigidity so that the overall robustness of the window is improved, leading to a greater lifespan. At Hadley Group, we believe that the only steel to be used in windows should be to the specification of the system houses that designed them. By providing you with quality profiles to the specification you require, your windows will perform effectively, maintaining resilience through the harshest weather conditions. This is particularly essential for houses located on the coast or in the countryside, where durable window profiles are required. Our robust steel reinforcements will also ensure that your windows are maintained during hotter days; preventing expansion and bending, whilst making sure that the window will close and seal effectively.

All of our steel reinforcement profiles are manufactured using our unique cold rollforming process; one of the most versatile, efficient and productive manufacturing methods for fabricating metal and one which is particularly beneficial for custom product design. Our Technical Centre of Excellence uses the latest advances in computer simulation technology, cutting edge engineering hardware and the skills and knowledge of our in-house team. This specialist technical service is available to every single Hadley Group customer, existing and potential.

We have an extensive tooling library, ensuring that you are provided with a great selection of profiles, together with a tailored service for any bespoke requirements you may have.

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