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I-Stud high performance practical solutions launches in Thailand

Hadley Group is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary I-Stud solution, an I shaped section which can be used for vertical frame elements within a GTEC system.

Manufactured using Hadley Group’s internationally patented UltraSTEEL® process, the I-Stud solution provides additional impact resistance due to its improved strength and is therefore ideal for both internal and external stud wall insulation. UltraSTEEL® is a major technical breakthrough in the development of rollforming and can be applied to virtually any cold rolled profile. Stronger and greener by design, the process enables the production of components with up to 20% more strength and a similar reduction in raw materials.

The new I-Stud profiles are coated in zinc and come with commercial grade as standard, although they are also available in G550 on request. Providing additional impact resistance due to the improved strength delivered by Hadley Group’s UltraSTEEL® process, the I-Stud is available in a range of sizes from 0.40mm – 0.60mm thick. I-Studs can also be cut to length by Hadley Group’s team of experts on special request, ideal when increased partition height is required without the need for increasing partition width thanks to their rigidity.

One of Hadley Group’s key strengths in the global market is its ability to translate complex requirements into high quality, effective solutions and the pioneering use of advanced software enables more efficient product development and faster production. Its custom rollforming service combines its engineering capabilities and technological expertise, opening the door to new possibilities.

The vertical support in drylining, I-Studs offer higher rigidity than a C Stud, tend to have a better appearance and are more beneficial when it comes to the application of increased wall heights. As well as for use in interior and exterior wall frames, they are also the ideal option for other applications that require stronger materials and ease of installation.

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