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How is Hadley Group backing Britain?

Starting on the 31st October, with its first event at the RAF Museum in Cosford, the Made in Group, including both Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, will be launching a year-long campaign designed to act as a beacon of unity and to restore confidence in Britain.

As part of this campaign, Ben Towe, Group Managing Director at Hadley Group, answers four key questions regarding the meaning of unity through Brexit, along with how Hadley Group is backing Britain through this period.

1) What do you think unity means?

I understand unity to mean full alignment in a common belief.

2) Do you think it is important to back Britain and why?

Unquestionably, it is important to back Britain whether we do or do not have a deal in place; we, as an organisation, are committed to making our business and country successful. Hadley Group has UK, European and worldwide manufacturing facilities, all designed to best serve our global customers. Regardless of deal or no deal, we must strive to be the supplier of choice.

3) How would you say your company is backing Britain?

Hadley Group imports raw material to manufacture metal products for customers in the UK, Europe and beyond. We have protected UK jobs to the best of our ability by transferring administration processes to Europe whilst retaining UK manufacturing and continuing uninterrupted service to our national and international customers.

4) Why do you think it is important to be part of the Made in Group?

The Made in Group highlights and promotes the UK brand of internationally competitive capability through a skilled and knowledgeable workforce reinforced by an efficient infrastructure with a strong track record of delivering modern day, globally, disruptive innovation. These include and are not limited to the World Wide Web, SMS text messaging, Graphene and the Raspberry Pi.

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