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Hadley Roundtable Debate

On Tuesday 10th September, Ben Towe (Managing Director, Hadley Group) and Chris Holleron (Group Product Manager - Housing, Hadley Group) attended the Hadley Roundtable debate in London

Sponsored and hosted by Hadley Group; the debate was centred around the topic of: Enablers and barriers to great offsite technology uptake.

The following are just some of the points which were discussed:

  • How can the offsite manufacturing sector engage more with institutional funders/lenders and businesses that are providing finance to projects that are using offsite manufactured construction technology to remove a potential ‘barrier to finance’ and facilitate greater confidence in the sector?

  • What changes are needed to the Planning system to remove the barriers to development/deployment of offsite technology and for the pent-up pipeline demand for offsite technology – especially within the residential sector - to be unblocked?

  • How can the Government assist in removing barriers or bringing forward enablers for the greater uptake of offsite technology?

  • Is there enough focus on the training/skills requirements of the offsite sector and what can be done to address the demand for new skills and job roles associated with offsite manufacturing and offsite construction?

  • How important is the role of industry Trade Associations/Industry Bodies in helping to ‘educate’ specifiers/clients in the benefits of offsite manufactured solutions?

Ultimately, the Hadley Roundtable debate was a successful event, where all parties shared great insight and ideas.

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