Tooling & Design

Your project starts with tooling and design, understanding your end goals and how these can be achieved through cold roll forming and in line operations.  

Through collaboration with our highly qualified engineers, you can integrate the latest hardware and 3D CAD software into the R&D process. Adanced processes offer faster design and increase manufacturing accuracy, with simulation technology providing experimentation that pushes the boundaries of the material.  

Many areas in which you can benefit include structural design calculations, material evaluation and product specifications – in addition to the integration of existing process technologies and the development of new ideas. 

Techniques used to develop products and processes include: 

  • Theoretical evaluation 
  • Geometric profile optimisation 
  • Computer simulation
  • Rapid prototyping 
  • Physical testing 
  • Metallurgical analysis 
  • Process capability studies 

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Through continued investment in Research & Development Hadley have become one of the global leaders in cold roll forming technology – your project will be fully supported by our celebrated team of in-house research and product development engineers. 

These highly qualified engineers represent a significant proportion of the global expertise in this field and are dedicated to the development of ever-more efficient products and processes. Collaborating with more than 10 academic and scientific institutions, they have also published dozens of research papers, maintaining an internal academic research portfolio since 1985. 

 As a Hadley customer, whether existing or potential, this wealth of knowledge is available on demand and should be seen as an extension of your technical department – a source of knowledge and technical expertise that can be called upon to support your own product development.

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