Cinema Seating

Hadley’s steel framing division have developed an innovative light gauge, galvanized steel, structural Cinema Seating system. 

This fast-track modern method of construction is manufactured exclusively from lightweight, cold-rolled steel. 

Where speed and cost are key project considerations Hadley’s modular framing is the best-value solution for your auditorium seating. 

What are the benefits of using Hadley Steel Framing in your next auditorium?

  • Tailored design

    HSF auditorium seating is bespoke designed by Hadley engineers.

  • Fully DCD compliant

    HSF exceeds DCD standards for thermal and fire performance

  • Precision Engineered

    HSF is precision engineered to UK standards ensuring consistent high-quality time after time.

  • Warrantied

    HSF auditorium seating design is covered by Hadley PI insurance and the product is warrantied for 15 years.

  • High Strength to weight ratio

    HSF is up to 40% lighter than traditional block construction.

  • Reduced build program

    Up to 70% reduction in assembly time 

  • Tek screwed for speed and safety

    HSF is tek-screwed and hence there is no need for hot works (welding) or drilling (bolted) on-site. Tek-screws increase the simplicity and speed of install.

  • Fully modular system

    HSF auditorium seating is fully modular and packed into portable crates. Crates can be easily moved on an active site through standard door sets.

  • Acoustic performance

    HSF auditorium seating designs offer superior acoustic performance when compared to traditional block

  • Dry and light 

    HSF is a fully dry system and removes the need for disruptive wet trades. The modular sections are a maximum 25kg and can be managed by hand without lifting equipment.  

HSF Auditorium Design Process

Hadley recognises that every auditorium is unique and consequently every screen or theatre is designed from ground-up. 

The HSF design process is split into 2 phases:

The initial phase evaluates the building design and assesses the structural compatibility of SFS. When compatibility and suitability have been confirmed, an indicative design package is developed providing the following:

  • General arrangement indicating SFS specifications for Columns, Beams and floor 
  • Preliminary framing design 
  • Billed SFS schedule (for tender)
  • Dimensioned wall design 
  • Acoustic design (in partnership with an acoustic provider)

Upon acceptance of initial design and agreement in principle to proceed, a comprehensive screen by screen as-built construction design will be prepared by Hadley in house engineers. This most comprehensive design includes the following:

  • HSF Column design and detailing
  • HSF Beam design and detailing
  • HSF Floor panels design and detailing
  • Connection and fixing design and detailing
  • General arrangement (seating plan)
  • Engineering calculations (gravity and deflection)
  • 3D Tekla drawing of seating arrangement
  • BIM layout of seating arrangement (Revit)
  • Bill of Quantities and tender schedule including studs, tracks and connectors

From inception to completion, Hadley manages the design, manufacture and installation process. Hadley’s unrivalled turnkey solution has successfully delivered cinemas and theatres globally and continues to lead the market in the lightweight auditorium field.

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