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The science behind better vineposts

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The expert’s view

The expert’s view

Read why Hadley Vineposts were chosen to replace a product supplied for over 20 years in Germany

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True partners in vine

Eugen Weis, Germany - a specialist vineyard products distributor

Weinbergsbedarf Eugen Weis of Maikammer, South West Germany was satisfied with its existing vine post supplier until it discovered the superior product innovation and committed partnership approach offered to international distributors by the Hadley Group.

Why Hadley?

"We believed that there was no vineyard post of higher quality than that of the one we were already purchasing from an Austrian supplier. However, we discovered the Hadley Group range of posts and we were absolutely impressed. It surpasses all other metal posts we know of in the market," said proprietor and director, Ernst Weis.

The addition of a new end post to its portfolio will enable Weinbergsbedarf Eugen Weis to offer its customers a complete end-to-end solution for the planning and implementation of trellising and vine support.

Ernst, sharing Hadley Group's belief in the importance of building and maintaining excellent manufacturerdistributor relationships, has high hopes for the future of the partnership. "We are most certain that we, together with the dedicated Hadley team in the West Midlands, can achieve great success in the German market with the Hadley posts," he said.

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Eugen Weis

Branching out in Bordeaux

Branching out in Bordeaux

The preferred solution for the Bordeaux region co-operative in France

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Branching out in Bordeaux

Having become the first British company ever to secure a contract to supply steel vine support posts into the Champagne area east of Paris less than two years ago, Hadley Group has since branched out, into the Bordeaux region in South West France by forming positive local relationships with Maisadour, one of the leading wine co-operatives in Bordeaux, France.

Maisadour visited the Hadley Group's UK headquarters with ten of their key wine producing customers in order to see the tooling design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing processes of the steel vineposts being supplied. Having initially supplied a mid-sized post to the Champagne region, Hadley Group developed a larger, maxi vinepost with Maisadour and its' customers which is ideal for the regional soil as it can be staked deeper in the ground in order to withstand the Atlantic coastal winds and rain which sweep across Bordeaux.

"The successful visit demonstrated Hadley Vineposts' durability, greater grip in the soil and compatibility with mechanical harvesting. In addition, Hadley Group's patented UltraSTEEL® process which makes Hadley Vineposts unique also ensures they are lighter, yet 20% stronger than plain steel posts and utilise less steel - making them more cost effective to use over larger areas of land," says Darren Millard, Director of Hadley Rollform Sections.

An increased range of vineposts is also being supplied to Germany, across Europe and more recently, also to UK vineyards.

Hadley Group's vinepost innovations also helped secure the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Best Manufacturing Business Award in 2010 and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award in 2011.

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