Greener by design

Products manufactured using the UltraSTEEL® process will use less metal, which of course reduces the impact your business has on the environment. It also results in products that are lighter so you can ship more on each load, lowering transport related pollution too.

But, reducing your environmental impact doesn't stop there. We have an unrivalled knowledge of roll form engineering developed over 40 years and on thousands of products, plus internally developed engineering software and the latest product design and test technology.

  • Our engineers will develop highly efficient product designs that perform flawlessly, resulting in very economical metal usage.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plant ensures high accuracy and low waste.
  • The UltraSTEEL® process can also be applied to recycled metal.

All of this means that when we design and manufacture your products we are helping you become a greener business. UltraSTEEL® is applied in-line in the manufacturing process and therefore economical and easy to implement.

In-line implementation

One of the main advantages of the process is its simplicity. The UltraSTEEL® rolls can be easily added in-line to an existing rolling machine. It is ideal for metal strip up to 8mm thick. The process can be applied to most metals.

In-line implementation